A Normal Life

This is a very long story! It started like most life stories do. I had a happy childhood, even though my parents divorced when I was young. My brother and I are lucky in that we have good relationships with both of our parents.

Since this is about horses, I will tell you the horsey aspect of my life. I grew up loving animals! My father had grown up owning and riding horses. I started taking weekly lessons at the age of nine.

When I was eleven I moved to Toronto. I started taking weekly lessons with a girl that remains my best friend today (even though she lives in Australia. At the age of 13 my dad bought  my first horse. I was so excited! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that buying the horse isn’t expensive compared to what expenses entail in owning a horse.

Throughout High School and Jr. High I had many jobs. I worked in a vet clinic during the week, and at the barn mucking stalls on weekends, I also did lots of babysitting.

I sold my horse to go to University. I met my friend I rode with at University,   and we started riding together. I part-boarded horses throughout University, which means I half-leased a horse. In University my focus was mainly on my “supposed” career working with disabled children, so I had 2 jobs, and I volunteered in 2 schools working with challenged children. I did not have time to focus on my riding, although it was still my love. I can remember my boyfrIend nagging me because I was spending too much time with horses, and not studying. I nagged him to stop watching hockey. Funny now that riding has become my career, and he works for the NHL in New York.

Now comes the part of my story that should read like a horror story after a brief fantasy.

Jody on Inspector Rebus

Jody on Inspector Rebus


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