Plastic Chairs

Rebus was so good today. First he decided he was scared of a plastic chair, but then Jessica got on him. When I got on she reminded me that I have to be more important than a plastic chair. She was reminding me to ride every step. Eventually I got it. I was leg yielding him completely vertically! He was round, but not too round Mary! Jessica said that everytime he did something I didn’t want, it meant I wasn’t telling him to do something. So we ended on a good note, and he was doing everything I asked for! Rebus=superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post from Jody

I told Rebus we were going to England, but all he seemed to care about was, `Do I get treats there?” We have been playing with Parelli a lot lately! I am now at the point that I can play all 7 games without a problem! We have him doing circle games going over poles, and doing a transition at each pole. At first he stopped at the pole, and had togive it a good sniff. Then looked at me as if to sat, “I’m a Dressage horse, what do I do now?” He did the same thing when I set-up a little X for him to free jump. Only he stopped dead right in front of it, and immediately looked at me as if to say, “What now?’

I’m a really mean mom! According to Rebus, the world revolves around food. He’s not even a left-brain introvert. He’s a definite left brain extrovert!!!! He saw that I was getting his rewards from a side pocket, so he decided to help himself. T=

This is where I’m a bad mom!
Please tell me ink isn’t poisonous for horses!

Rebus went in the pocket, grabbed a pen out of a pocket full of cookies and started munching away! Go figure! He was so proud of himself! So I just watched him do it. Thinking LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 2 bites, he realized it wasn’t a treat, and did everything he could to get it out of his mouth. He always likes licking, but he was doing everything he could to get it off his tongue.

Riding wise, we have a lot to seriously work on. So when we go play he seems to really enjoy it. I have a lot to work on to avoid giving him mixed messages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jody Schloss Day in Ottawa!

The Court at Barrhaven, would like to invite friends, family and members of the community to celebrate with them the accomplishment of Jody Schloss, who will be representing Canada at the 2012 Paralympic Games this summer in London, England. In support of Jody, the Court will be collecting donations for The Jody Schloss Fund for Brain Injury. Donations to Jody’s Fund can be made at the Court at Barrhaven and online.

Details for the July 26th event can be found here: