Jody’s Poem, “Have you seen the horses running?”

Have you seen the horses running?

Have you seen the horses running
racing through the fields like fire
copper, chestnut, gold and amber
all the colours of desire

In the golden Halloween weather
seven friends ride out together
scent of hay and the crisp scent of new leather
and all the horses running

above the water in Vancouver
the mountains rise like thunder
below, the water in the ocean goes on forever
Kelly relaxed on the big grey
Dianna laughing on the little bay
when time all at once time falls away
like all the horses running…..

back when I turned thirteen
when I bought my first horse
the horses moving like a dream
the summer living at the farm

galloping on hacks with Katie
up and down the hills in our secret spot
jumping whatever got in our way
and all the horses running

Galloping down the beach with Vanessa in Dahab, Egypt
the sound of the horses hooves on the sand
Miles and miles of bare untouched sand
One time in my life I felt in total control
in my ears was the reassuring sound
like all the horses running

let those who pray have their heaven
unsure and unforgiving
let this day be my religion
the sand and water rushing past me

For I have seen the horses running
all the colours of desire
copper, chestnut, gold and amber
they’re in my blood like fire

Poem – Complete Freedom

A poem Jody wrote during her years of sit-ski training.

Complete Freedom

Looking down at the beautiful valley below you
From the peak of the mountains,
the glimmering white capped forest running beside the downhill slope
the beauty of the downhill valley slope only entices you to ski past
and feel the air whipping at your face as you go past

The feeling is such a rush as if you are going somewhere
no one has dared to go before
Now that you are in a sit-ski,
the rush does not falter, it is perhaps more exciting
the same speed, perhaps faster,
only NOW you have the feeling of COMPLETE FREEDOM

You wheel yourself onto the dock, and get in your boat
Excited!! you are about to go whooshing through the water
at incredible speeds, while making sure that you are on course
Hitting waves as you zoom into them

Laughing and looking for more waves
to smack head on and shock the system yet again
the warm air hitting your face as you zoom past
the complete wreck loose feeling

Needing assistance to get on,
completely guarded from guiding the horse on your own
Independence=being unregulated and doing your own thing
FINALLY: am able to get the same rush from riding that had before.
start riding regularly. Falling Off regularly =teacher of how to ride safely

fall in love with and luckily BUY a horse
becomes best friend
going out in wilderness with beautifully coloured
fall leaves crackling with every step the horse takes
the rush as you trot with the crisp air
hitting your face

Feeling like you are in complete control
of this trusting and loving huge beast below you
having her do precise movements simply because you tell her to
Practicing every day to master the technique

The entire experience = COMPLETE FREEDOM

Tragedy Strikes

Jody and Karen had been on a trip in Central America. They flew from San Diego to Costa Rica (ironically), because it was too dangerous to drive in Central America. They bused through Central America, and were now driving back to where Jody lived in Vancouver British Columbia. They had stopped for a rest at Jody’s father’s condominium in Palm Spring’s California. Jody’s mother (Gail Schloss) was called late in the evening, because her name was an emergency contact on Jody’s passport.

It was after a beautiful stress free trip to Central America that the nightmare began.

I would say that it continues to this day, but I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished! We flew back to San Diego from Mexico City. Unfortunately or fortunately, or fortunately due to Retrograde Amnesia the airport in Mexico City is the last thing I remember before my accident. From Mexico City we flew to San Diego. We got a drive to my dad’s condo in Palm Springs, and then we decided that we were going to Las Vegas. This meant driving the entire trip through the desert. At time that sounded fine. We had been given no warnings that my car was top heavy, so we didn’t think twice about going. The wind in the desert was wild that day! I don’t remember any of this, so I can only tell you what I have been told. We were on the highway, and we got caught by the wind, My car flipped four times. Unfortunately Karen’s head hit the glass window, and she died quickly. I broke four ribs, punctured my lung, broke my jaw, and I got a severe closed head injury. An ER nurse came to my accident site, which was fortunate, because she knew not to move my head. I was taken to the San Bernadino Hospital by emergency helicopter . My mom was called because I had written the number in my passport. They knew who we were only because Karen was 5’1, and I was 5″9. I was in a severe coma with a glasgow scale of 4. Karen’s family had a funeral in Muskoka near the lake that Karen loved. My best friend was Karen’s sister Joanne. After the funeral, they came back, so Joanne could be there for me.

After that started the tedious, very long and trying Rehabilitation period of my life.

A Normal Life

This is a very long story! It started like most life stories do. I had a happy childhood, even though my parents divorced when I was young. My brother and I are lucky in that we have good relationships with both of our parents.

Since this is about horses, I will tell you the horsey aspect of my life. I grew up loving animals! My father had grown up owning and riding horses. I started taking weekly lessons at the age of nine.

When I was eleven I moved to Toronto. I started taking weekly lessons with a girl that remains my best friend today (even though she lives in Australia. At the age of 13 my dad bought  my first horse. I was so excited! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that buying the horse isn’t expensive compared to what expenses entail in owning a horse.

Throughout High School and Jr. High I had many jobs. I worked in a vet clinic during the week, and at the barn mucking stalls on weekends, I also did lots of babysitting.

I sold my horse to go to University. I met my friend I rode with at University,   and we started riding together. I part-boarded horses throughout University, which means I half-leased a horse. In University my focus was mainly on my “supposed” career working with disabled children, so I had 2 jobs, and I volunteered in 2 schools working with challenged children. I did not have time to focus on my riding, although it was still my love. I can remember my boyfrIend nagging me because I was spending too much time with horses, and not studying. I nagged him to stop watching hockey. Funny now that riding has become my career, and he works for the NHL in New York.

Now comes the part of my story that should read like a horror story after a brief fantasy.

Jody on Inspector Rebus

Jody on Inspector Rebus